Product Features

  1. All pivots (for top rolling) and suspenders (for side rolling) doors are housed in ball bearing for smooth and low noise operation.
  2. Additional manual locking arrangement provided for extra safety.
  3. Door panels can be designed to your choice. Additional embellishments of wood Panels, glass or acrylic window panes can be arranged to your tastes.
  4. All mechanical components are heavy zinc plated for long life.
  5. Compact single transmitter is available for opening both the garage door and the Gate.
  6. Courtesy lights to illuminate your garage as soon as the door/gate is operated . which turns off automatically.

Safety Features

  1. Every time the door or gate is closed it is automatically locked.
  2. Transmitter and receiver are fitted with DIP switches for security coding giving a virtual unbreakable security code.
  3. In built safety to reverse the door/gate to open position when it meets an Obstruction.
  4. Miniature circuit breaker provided to protect the motor against overloaded and Power fluctuation.
  5. In case of Power failures a manual disengagement is built-in.
  6. Infra red beam detectors for added safety, is also available.

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