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We would like to introduce ourselves to your Kind selves as a Group Work Force Station under One Roof to Cater to the Core Needs of Domestic & Industrial Automation. We with a Group of Young Team trained by Professionals for Installation, Commissioning and Solutions for Trouble Shooting, Proudly Present for the First time in India.

Electrically Operated Remote Operated Garage Doors "

Even though the Concept of Electrically Operated Door has been working in Developed Countries for many years, A Sincere Attempt to Transfer the Technology Keeping in Mind the Rugged Conditions for Indian Soil has always been felt. We at L Marks have felt today with Over a Decade of Continuous Research & Development has been Successful to fill the Void.

We are in touch with the Latest Developments, Happenings around the Globe for the Overall Improvement of the System for Optimum Utilization, Security Features and Saving Cost in Production for the Beneficial of End Users.

Opening and closing of your Garage Doors and Gates was never so easy and convenient - no more back aches, noisy shutters or honk for somebody to lift it or tug it down.

Even though the Remote Controlled Garage Doors and Gates have been in use in the Developed countries for decades, it is a rarity in India. It is no longer so. We at Lmarks House have filled this gap with indigenously designed and developed remote controlled doors and gates, especially suited for the local conditions. Furthermore, these are custom built for your needs and you are not restricted to choose from a limited range. We have the highest number of such systems in Bangalore, installed over the last ten years, we have invested over a decade of research and development in perfecting these doors and gates.

We provide the widest range of products to suit all your security requirements, whether it is a residential garage door, Motorized Gates, Sectional Overhead Doors, Garage Door, gate or an entrance gate / barrier for a commercial or industrial application. We have them all. Our range includes garage doors made of MS or Aluminum panels, in single or multiple panels, top rolling or side rolling, swing and side rolling gates, automatic side rolling doors, rolling shutters and boom barriers.

LMarks is a leader in security based remote controlled opening systems for domestic and industrial applications. We have a group of professionally trained experts to design and install these systems for you, and provide after sales service when required.

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